"Blind Date With a Crystal" Bags

"Blind Date With a Crystal" Bags

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"Introducing 'Blind Date with a Crystal' - This fun mystery product allows you to engage with the tangible fascination of crystals, tied in an auspicious moment.

Take the element of surprise to the next level with this unique item. You’ll receive a packaged, mystery crystal, hand-selected from our collection of globally sourced gemstones. Each crystal is chosen for radiant energy, making it a perfect addition to any collection or a heart-stirring gift. Imagine the thrill as you unwrap the packaging to reveal your date - a crystal that resonates with astonishing beauty and metaphysical wonders.

'Blind Date with a Crystal' isn’t just about unboxing a stone; it's a transformative experience that captivates senses, piques curiosity, and inspires joy. You’re not simply receiving a crystal; you’re unlocking a journey into a world of energy, balance, and fascination.

So, take a chance, share a moment with the mystic beauty, and let this 'Blind Date with a Crystal' brighten up your life's chapters with its ethereal presence and timeless elegance."
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Zodiac + Chakra:
will vary based on the stone you receive

Intuitively choose a crystal based on its properties

Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are based on oral and written traditions, these claims should never be taken as medical advice or diagnosis.