Shoppe Geo - Ritual Kit Fresh Start

Shoppe Geo - Ritual Kit Fresh Start

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Cleanse + Harmonize with Crystals! Ritual Kit: Fresh Start is a 7-piece crystal set with a ceramic dish for both displaying crystals and using them in ceremonial settings. The kit features a modern packaging design, crystal properties, and a cleansing + harmonizing ritual to further develop your personal practice with crystal energy.


  • 2.5″ selenite wand (raw, in shrink wrap)
  • Amethyst (polished)
  • Fluorite (polished)
  • Rose Quartz (polished)
  • Citrine (polished)
  • Black Obsidian (polished)
  • Clear Quartz (polished)
  • ceramic dish in matte gray glaze with sliver splatter and gold rim

Photos by Shoppe Geo