Sequin Pouch Assorted Colors

Sequin Pouch Assorted Colors

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Unleash Your Inner Magic with Sequin Pouches of Mystery!

Calling all crystal-clutching, potion-brewing babes! Ditch those boring old bags and elevate your witchy style with our spellbinding Sequin Pouches!

These aren't your average pouches, darlings. These beauties shimmer and shift with every touch, like moonlight on a mermaid's tail. Run your fingers across the sequins and watch as they change color, revealing hidden messages from the cosmos (or at least the perfect shade to match your latest coven gathering).

At 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide, these pouches are the perfect size for all your mystical must-haves:

  • Moonstone for dream divination? Check!
  • Amethyst to ward off negativity? Double check!
  • A handy scroll of ancient spells? Absolutely!

And the colors, oh the colors! We've got a coven's worth to choose from, each whispering its own magical tune:

  • Black: Channel your inner night owl and harness the power of shadows.
  • Blue: Deepen your intuition and tap into the wisdom of the oceans.
  • Brown: Embrace the grounding energy of the earth and connect with the wild things.
  • Gold: Attract abundance and radiate your inner goddess like a boss.
  • Silver: Sharpen your focus and awaken your lunar magic.
  • Purple: Cultivate your psychic abilities and connect with the higher realms.
  • Deep Hot Pink: Ignite your passion and stir up some serious magical mischief!

Don't just settle for ordinary. Grab a Sequin Pouch (or three!), and add a touch of enchanting mystery to your everyday magic! These beauties are guaranteed to make a statement, hold your crystals close, and turn heads at your next ritual gathering. So what are you waiting for?