Shoppe Geo - Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection

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Shoppe Geo - Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection

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TRUST + MANIFEST Crystal Collection is a curated selection of crystals and a brief guidebook to help you tap into the energy of abundance and the creative flow of life. Manifest your desires through the use of crystals, intention setting, and conscious actions. Learn ways to release prior setbacks and invite higher vibrational energy into your life. Allow transformation to occur when you trust the flow of your life path! A special symbol on the front cover, called a sigil, represents the intention to “create and flow.” This energy can be tapped into by anyone using the product!


  • 2″ Clear Quartz (raw, natural point)
  • .75″-1″ Mahogany Obsidian (matte)
  • .75″-1″ Optical Calcite (raw)
  • .75″-1″ Labradorite (polished)
  • .75″-1″ Black Onyx (matte)
  • 100% cotton muslin drawstring bag
  • 6 pg. guidebook

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