Mini Ritual Chime Candles 4"
Mini Ritual Chime Candles 4"
Mini Ritual Chime Candles 4"
Mini Ritual Chime Candles 4"
Mini Ritual Chime Candles 4"

Mini Ritual Chime Candles 4"

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Introducing our enchanting 4" Mini Ritual Chime Candles, your gateway to a world of magical possibilities! 🌟🕯️
Illuminate your path with this delightful assortment of colors, each carefully selected to embody unique symbolism and correspondences. From vibrant red, symbolizing passion and vitality, to calming blue, invoking serenity and harmony, we've got the perfect magical match for every intention.
Imagine creating an enchanting ambience for your rituals, spells, or meditation practices. These candles serve as a powerful catalyst, amplifying your intentions and facilitating manifestation. Whether you want to enhance love, promote abundance, attract positive energy, or banish negativity, our chime candles are there to support you every step of the way.
When is the perfect time for their magic? The choices are endless! Light a yellow candle to enhance creativity during artistic pursuits. Opt for a green candle to bring prosperity and growth into your life. Need protection? The white candle has you covered. Embrace the wonders of nature with our earthy brown candle, bringing stability and grounding.
Ignite your imagination and tap into the magical benefits these candles offer. Decorate your sacred space, celebrate special occasions, or infuse your daily life with a touch of wonder. The possibilities are as boundless as your aspirations!
Unleash the power of symbolism and unleash the magic with our vibrant 4" Mini Ritual Chime Candles. Get yours today and embark on a journey of transformation and enchantment! ✨🌈
  • Purple: Symbolism: Royalty, power, luxury, spirituality, and creativity
  • Light Blue/Aqua: Symbolism: Tranquility, peace, calmness, and clarity
  • Black: Symbolism: Mystery, elegance, sophistication, authority, and power
  • Brown: Symbolism: Earthiness, stability, reliability, and comfort
  • Metallic Green: Symbolism: Wealth, prosperity, growth, and invigoration
  • Green: Symbolism: Nature, harmony, renewal, and balance
  • Blue: Symbolism: Serenity, trust, intelligence, and communication
  • Lavender: Symbolism: Femininity, grace, beauty, and spirituality
  • Orange: Symbolism: Energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and warmth
  • Pink: Symbolism: Love, compassion, nurturing, and sweetness
  • Red: Symbolism: Passion, love, energy, power, and excitement
  • White: Symbolism: Purity, innocence, peace, and clarity
  • Pearl White: Symbolism: Elegance, sophistication, purity, and luxury
  • Yellow: Symbolism: Happiness, optimism, positivity, and warmth
  • Silver: Symbolism: Modernity, elegance, sophistication, and grace
  • Gold: Symbolism: Wealth, success, luxury, and prosperity
  • Grey: Symbolism: Neutrality, balance, practicality, and stability
Height in Inches: 4
Diameter in Inches: 0.5