Ritual Tools

Ordinary Magic Savannah curates a collection of ritual tools to elevate your practice. From fragrant incense, sage and herbal cleansing wands to enchanting spell kits and captivating candles, we have everything you need to manifest your intentions and connect with your inner power.


  • Sacred Herbs & Incense: Awaken your senses and set the mood with aromatic herbs and mystical incense.
  • Spellbinding Kits: Find all the ingredients you need to cast powerful spells, crafted with love and intention. Compact and wonderful travel partners to take your magic with you on your travels.
  • Celestial Candles & Holders: Let the warm glow of enchanting candles illuminate your rituals and guide your path.
  • Divination Delights: Explore our collection of tarot cloths and altar cloths, creating a sacred space for your practice.

Embrace the magic of everyday moments with Ordinary Magic Savannah.