Golden Healer Rough Stones

Golden Healer Rough Stones

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Unleash the sun's golden touch with these raw Golden Healer Rough Stones. Each stone, a nugget of pure magic, vibrates with the potent energy of success, abundance, and radiant well-being.

Hold them in your palm and feel their warmth ignite your inner fire. Let these unpolished beauties amplify your intentions, drawing in prosperity and chasing away negativity like morning mist.

Golden Healers are the ultimate companions for manifesting dreams, boosting confidence, and nurturing your spirit. Add a touch of sunshine to your altar, crystal grid, or carry their potent magic with you wherever you roam.

Key Words:
Energy | Balance | Spiritual Communication
 150-250gs | 2" Tall | 3" wide

Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are based on oral and written traditions, these claims should never be taken as medical advice or diagnosis.