Rainbow Moonstone Palmstone

Rainbow Moonstone Palmstone

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Embrace the magic of both moon and moonlight with the Rainbow Moonstone Palmstone. This captivating stone, smooth to the touch and alive with an ethereal glow, channels the lunar energy in all its phases.

Nurture your intuition and tap into the wisdom of the subconscious. As you cup the Rainbow Moonstone in your palm, feel its calming energy ease emotional turmoil and enhance psychic abilities. Let its pearlescent shimmer inspire creativity, spark new beginnings, and guide you through life's cycles with grace.

This palmstone is a talisman for dreamers, healers, and those seeking to connect with the divine feminine. Carry a piece of the moon's magic with you always with the Rainbow Moonstone Palmstone.

Key Words:
Courage | Protection | Healing
105g | 2" Tall | 2" Wide

Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are based on oral and written traditions, these claims should never be taken as medical advice or diagnosis.