2024 Lunica Planner | Woodspell Apothocary

2024 Lunica Planner | Woodspell Apothocary

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Learning to live in tune with the land doesn’t come from grand gestures or life-altering shifts, but rather from daily routines, devotions and observations of the land and how we relate to it.

Introducing the 2024 edition lunar gardener’s almanac from Woodspell Apothocary.

This daily planner weaves seasonal land-based practices with modern life so that you can live more intentionally and presently within every season. It was created for those that find gardening to be a spiritual practice, who look for patterns in the world around them, who want to go deeper into our place within the natural world (while also keeping their daily tasks organized).

It was inspired by the almanacs of old that combined practical seasonal advice with recipes, essays and observations of the moon and stars. More than just a planner, Lunica is a guide, journal and reference source for the year ahead.

The name “Lunica” comes from a Slavic symbol of protection, happiness, fertility, and of course, the moon represented by the upside down crescent. While the moon lives in the cosmos, its horns point back toward earth, acting as a bridge between soil and stars. It is an intentional bit of magic in itself.

This edition of Lunica also features monthly essays and recipes from herbalist Val Alcorn as well as other land stewards such as Jacqui from Xalish Medicines, Damiana from La Luneria, Marysia from School of the Sacred Wild, Farai from The Hillbilly African, Cat from The Olive Trees And The Moon and more!

Lunica is printed in Grand Rapids, MI. It is designed and packaged with so much love and intention for your journey ahead. These planners are printed in short-run batches, meaning once they are sold out they won’t be printed again until the following year.

Aesthetic Features

  • Art-board backing for extra sturdiness

  • Full-color cover

  • 8” x 9”

  • Spiral bound

  • Over 250 pages of seasonal goodness

Content Features

  • Wheel of the year

  • Astrological reference (tropical)

  • Eclipses, lunar phases, lunar zodiac transits and solar zodiac transits

  • Full moon phase spread for the entire year

  • Moon gardening reference guide

  • Rituals and exercises for intentional living

  • Yearly, monthly and weekly journal prompts

  • Garden layout

  • Plant-based recipes for garden health

  • Companion planting chart

  • Garden expense log

  • Planting calendar

  • Pest & disease log

  • Lunar medicine making reference

  • Astrological body map

  • Apothecary checklist

  • Monthly phenology wheel

  • Seasonal and ancestral recipes

  • Essays by various herbalists, growers and writers

  • Weekly spreads with best days for garden tasks

  • Garden notes and devotions