Finding Your Calm

Finding Your Calm

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Your Relaxation Solution is Here

Twelve of Llewellyn's top authors introduce you to a dozen New Age relaxation techniques that can positively impact all areas of your life. Pulling from both scientific and spiritual methods, these experts present simple practices that will help you achieve a state of calm, including:

Body Wisdom by Emily Francis
Empaths by Kristy Robinett
Aromatherapy by Gail Bussi
Visualization by Chanda Parkinson
Chakra Work by Jiulio Consiglio
Astrology by Leah Patterson
Vagus Nerve by Cyndi Dale
Meditation by Shai Tubali
EFT by Amy B. Scher
Good Sleep by Angela Wix
ASMR by Shannon Yrizarry
Mindfulness by Melanie Klein

Featuring fun, conversational essays, this book explores a wide range of ways to promote peace and relaxation. You'll learn how to use essential oils, listen to your emotional and energetic bodies, tailor your self-care routine to your sun sign, change your response to stress through tapping, and much more. Finding Your Calm helps you tune into your innate intuition and find the right modality for any moment.