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Mini Ritual Candles 4"
Mini Ritual Candles 4"
Mini Ritual Candles 4"

Ordinary Magic Savannah

Mini Ritual Candles 4"

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For use on home altar or simply for home decor. Each color has an elemental meaning.
Purple is used for psychic power, division and healing.
Light Blue/Aqua is used for peace, creativity and patience.
Black is used for regeneration, riddance and transition.
Brown is used for grounding, stability, nurturing, attracts money, helps overcome a financial crisis, material gain, wealth, financial success (especially when combined with green). Also used to protect and heal animals.
Green is used for prosperity, fertility, luck and balance and good health.
Blue is used for knowledge, focus, truth.
Lavender is used for selflessness, compassion and inspiration.
Orange is used for self confidence, optimism and success.
Pink is used for love, friendship, romance and caring.
Red is used for vitality, will power and desires.
White is used for enlightenment, healing, purification and protection.
Yellow is used for communications, trust and happiness.
Silver is used for reflection and spirituality.
Gold is used for success, wealth, luck
Grey is used to deflect and neutralize negative influences.

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