Mini Ritual - Chime Candles 4"
Mini Ritual - Chime Candles 4"
Mini Ritual - Chime Candles 4"

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Mini Ritual - Chime Candles 4"

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For use on home altar or simply for home decor. Each color has an elemental meaning.
  • Purple is used for psychic power, division and healing.
  • Light Blue/Aqua is used for peace, creativity and patience.
  • Black is used for regeneration, riddance and transition.
  • Brown is used for grounding, stability, nurturing, attracts money, helps overcome a financial crisis, material gain, wealth, financial success (especially when combined with green). Also used to protect and heal animals.
  • Green is used for prosperity, fertility, luck and balance and good health.
  • Blue is used for knowledge, focus, truth.
  • Lavender is used for selflessness, compassion and inspiration.
  • Orange is used for self confidence, optimism and success.
  • Pink is used for love, friendship, romance and caring.
  • Red is used for vitality, will power and desires.
  • White is used for enlightenment, healing, purification and protection.
  • Yellow is used for communications, trust and happiness.
  • Silver is used for reflection and spirituality.
  • Gold is used for success, wealth, luck
  • Grey is used to deflect and neutralize negative influences.
Height in Inches: 4
Diameter in Inches: 0.5