Suede Pouch Rounded w/Strap - 7 Chakra Colors

Suede Pouch Rounded w/Strap - 7 Chakra Colors

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Keep your crystals, talismans, charms, or crafting essentials close at hand with our beautiful collection of rounded suede pouches with straps. Made from soft, high-quality suede, these pouches come in a range of 7 vibrant colors, each corresponding to a different chakra in the body's energy system.

The perfect size for tucking into your purse or pocket (approximately 2.25" wide x 3" long), these pouches are ideal for:

  • Storing and protecting your favorite crystals and gemstones.
  • Keeping your talismans and charms close for good luck and protection.
  • Organizing crafting supplies like beads or small tools.
  • Creating your own unique spell bags.

Available in 7 Chakra Colors:

  • Red: Root Chakra - Associated with grounding, stability, and security.
  • Orange: Sacral Chakra - Represents creativity, passion, and healthy expression of sexuality.
  • Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra - The seat of personal power, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Green: Heart Chakra - Promotes love, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Blue: Throat Chakra - Governs communication, truth, and self-expression.
  • Indigo: Third Eye Chakra - Enhances intuition, wisdom, and psychic abilities.
  • Violet: Crown Chakra - Connects you to your higher self and spirituality.

Find the perfect color to match your intentions and enhance your crystal practice!